Laser Correction

Why do you need an optometrist?
As your eye doctor, it is my responsibility to determine if your eyeglass prescription is stable. This decision is based on years of observing your eyes, not a fifteen minute evaluation.  Is your cornea thick enough to undergo the laser procedure?  Do you have dry eyes?  Do you take medications which create dry eye?  Which procedure is best for me?  These are a few questions we will discuss to allow you to make an educated discussion.
The procedure involves creating a flap of corneal tissue which is folded back, then the laser removes the layers of the inner cornea and the flap is returned to the original position and acts as a bandage.  Intralase(bladeless) is the terminology used when the corneal flap is created by the laser. CustomLasik is an exciting improvement to conventional lasik.  A topography(map) is determined of the corneal surface.  The surface of the cornea has peaks and valleys which cause aberrations or blurry vision.  CustomLasik attempts to eliminate the aberrations and correct the prescription at the same time.

This procedure reshapes the cornea inner layers by first removing the protective surface layer mechanically, then using the laser to remove the inner layers.  A bandage soft contact lens is placed on the eye for several days to promote healing and comfort.